Guardianship Scotland: Participation

Participation provides a safe space where unaccompanied children and young people can learn new skills, be creative, practise English, play sport and access education, volunteering and employment opportunities. We run regular online ESOL classes, football and badminton groups as well as support young people to write CVs and search for work.

We work in partnership with Standing Tall Scotland to organise arts, cultural and social activities. Our programme includes regular arts and creative workshops, parties, cultural celebrations and outdoor residential adventures. We provide accessible and exciting activities for and with young people, giving them an opportunity to have fun, make friends and try new things.

Importantly, participation is also about empowering young people and ensuring their voices are heard. We create opportunities to meet politicians and other decision-makers, as well as academics and non-governmental organisations. Young people have the chance to speak out about their experiences and the issues they face, both as part of a group or as individuals. We have supported some young people to form a group called Young People’s Voices (YPV). YPV represent unaccompanied young people in Scotland, defending their rights and raising the standard of the services they use.


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